Parc Esta_5 Bedroom

Enter a pristine sanctuary where white hues and wooden textures blend effortlessly and set the tone for understated elegance. This home gives off a minimalist charm with a nod to Asian traditions, showcasing oriental touches in the wooden furniture.

Simplicity shines in the living room, with a minimal yet striking feature wall that features a long display shelf and plenty of storage solutions. The hidden highlight, a concealed projector screen that descends from the ceiling, adds a touch of cinematic magic to the space.

The children’s rooms radiate elegance and practicality with distinct colour themes – one adorned in refreshing green, the other in calming blue. Cleverly designed custom loft beds save space while providing cosy corners for play and relaxation. These loft beds are seamlessly integrated with study table units and storage solutions, making the most of out of the available space.

The master bedroom adopts a serene approach, embracing a harmonious blend of white and wooden elements. Subtle cove lights strategically placed in the ceiling, behind the headboard and underneath the bed create an illusion of floating, establishing a dreamy atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

In this home, every element showcases thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail, with a beautiful harmony of modern aesthetics and functionality.