Kim Keat 5-room

Step into this modern home that embodies minimalism with soft colours and varied textures, where clean lines meet beautiful, functional furnishings. Combining style and practicality by effortlessly blending white tones and earthy woods creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for those who step in.

Clever design elements add practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. An intriguing cabinetry unit at the entrance serves a dual purpose – ensuring privacy for the living room while providing functionality in the form of storage. Glass provides an elegant solution for maintaining a visual connection between different spaces in a home while still having a physical barrier. This design strategy is effectively utilised in this configuration. The kitchen is designed with clear glass dividers to create a brighter atmosphere and avoid a closed-in feeling. This home does not have a regular door for the master bedroom. Instead, it has a hidden entryway that fits with the clean and simple design of the rest of the house.

Overall, this modern abode showcases how minimalism can be both functional and stylish, resulting in a beautiful and comfortable living environment.