Senior Designer
12 Years of Experience
200+ Home Renovated
RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner

CRP No:000F9

“Lovely homes happen when you trust me with your house”

A cheerful, enthusiastic and well-experienced individual who enjoys interacting with like-minded homeowners to create designs like no others. Having more than a decade of experience in this industry, you can count on my observation skills and attentiveness to details. Want a stress-fress renovation experience? Why not put your trust in me and I’ll transform your house into the home of your dream.


Senior Designer
28 Years of Experience

300+ Home Renovated
RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner

CRP No:000J24

“Crafted with U in Mind”

With 28 years of design expertise, Xann emphasizes that successful design harmonizes form and functionality. Guided by the principle ‘Craftering with You at the Core Where Design Meets Your Needs’, her focus is on creating spaces that cater to occupants by incorporating natural light, ventilation, and a mix of natural materials. When it comes to revamping older properties,  she values preserving elements of the past while seamlessly integrating new design elements.


Interior Designer
3 Years of Experience
Certificate in Interior Design | Residential, Office, Hospitality & Retail
RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner
CRP No:000J22

“A thoughtfully-designed home should reflects your personality; withstand the test of time; be a safe space to unwind after the daily grind.”

With the high level of stress city dwellers face day in and day out, I aspire to help homeowners create a safe haven that one can retreat to and unwind after the daily grind. The thoughtfully designed space will showcases the occupant’s personality, be practical for everyday living and stand the test of time. And on top of all, a home that you can call your own.


Interior Designer
2 Years of Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design
RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner

CRP No:000J25

“Simplicity Speaks Loudest: 
Designing Spaces, 
Defining Lives.”

Home is not just four walls; it is a symbol of the life we spend over the years. Creating a unique sense of belonging and happiness for you is my goal. My design philosophy is “Less is more,” showcasing taste through simple elements. Pursuing personalized design, closely connected to the homeowner’s preferences, is my constant aim. Making every corner a part of life is my commitment.


Interior Designer
2 Years of Experience
Diploma in Interior Design 
RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner

CRP No:000J23

“Crafting Dreams, 
Shaping Spaces”

My design philosophy seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with practicality, emphasizing the perfect harmony between details and spatial planning. I excel in listening to clients’ needs, understanding their tastes, and crafting distinctive and personalized design solutions. I believe that every space has its unique story, and my mission is to precisely narrate these stories through the language of design.


Interior Designer
2 Years of Experience


“Space defines Lifestyle”

Interiors are where practicality meets aesthetics. I believe that elements gathered in the living space express personality and create individual workflows.