Novena Regency 3 Bedroom

Step into a world where timeless elegance meets captivating charm. This Indochine-inspired apartment seamlessly blends the nostalgia of Asian traditions with the modernity of European architecture. Guests are invited to embark on a journey that harmoniously merges East and West, old and new, while embracing the beauty of natural materials.

Tranquillity and balance are the hallmarks of Indochine-style interior design. A serene colour palette sets the stage for a peaceful ambience, with soft whites, soothing beiges, and captivating greens creating an airy and restful space. Muted tones lend an air of sophistication, while carefully placed wainscotting on the walls adds a touch of refined elegance that stands the test of time. Vibrant colours and captivating patterns define Indochine-style interiors, infusing spaces with energy and inviting warmth. Inspired by the rich colours and diverse cultures of Southeast Asia, this design aesthetic adds a global flair to any home.

Within this exquisite dwelling, Oriental Asian furniture coexists harmoniously with contemporary elements, blending the past and present seamlessly. In the living area, a fusion of vintage and modern pieces delights the eye. Antique furniture captures the essence of the Indochine style, creating a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics. From ornately carved wooden chairs to elegant art decor, every piece is carefully selected to complement the overall design concept. These timeless furnishings, with their graceful lines and meticulous detailing, bring a touch of opulence and sophistication to the space.

The kitchen exemplifies the artful layering of objects, textures, and tones. Striking colours, warm wooden tones, brass fittings, designer tiles, and abundant greenery create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and conversation. Patterned floor tiles add a unique touch, introducing texture and style that perfectly complements the overall design.

This Indochine-inspired apartment, with its carefully curated design elements, invites guests to experience the timeless allure of Asian craftsmanship, the harmony between East and West, and the seamless integration of tradition and modernity.