Admiralty Flora 5-room

Embracing the elegance of minimalist wood furniture and an open concept, this abode effortlessly merges simplicity with serenity. The interior design is thoughtfully adorned with tranquil decorating touches, which infuse the space with an undeniable Zen state of mind.

In this home, the homeowners’ requests for a dignified space to house their Buddha statue and a sanctuary that promotes their religious practices have been seamlessly integrated into the interior design. The moment you step into this abode, you’re greeted by a sight that captures the essence of tranquillity – a Bodhisattva altar adorning the entrance.

A raised wooden platform acts as a centrepiece for the Buddha statue. Wooden fluted panels gracefully envelop the figure, further enhancing its ethereal presence while paying homage to the clean-lined, minimalist appeal that characterizes the entire home. Dignified lighting elements gracefully illuminate the area, casting a warm and peaceful ambience that invites contemplation and meditation. These thoughtful touches emphasize the homeowners’ desire for a serene space where they can connect with their spirituality and find solace amidst the demands of daily life.

Blind curtains grace the living area, offering a practical solution to hide any clutter behind them. When pulled down, they instantly transform the room into a serene oasis, free from distractions and visual noise. This intentional design element allows the homeowners to enjoy a clean and uncluttered living space, contributing to the overall sense of calm and harmony.

From carefully placed indoor plants that bring nature’s calming presence indoors to spiritual elements that evoke serenity, every aspect of this home is purposefully chosen to create an atmosphere of peace and well-being.