Northshore Cove 4-room

BTO | Northshore Crescent | Designer_Leo Sei

A general feeling of calmness and opulence is evoked in this abode. This refined interior looks classy and exquisite, featuring a pristine white finish and a minimal approach.

Bearing a sparse open layout, the living area showcases what it means by “less is more.” Plenty of wainscotting on the walls takes the space through simple sophistication and a timeless visual. A stunning latticed partition wall separates the living room from the entrance foyer. A definite eye-catcher, this lightweight divider also adds a sense of privacy without making the home look dim and cramped.

A white shaker-style kitchen features simplicity, smooth lines, and clear spaces. Clean, fresh, and classic, these shaker cabinets combined with a mix of knobs and pulls give it a designer look, perfectly suited for the modern home.