Compassvale Helm @ Sengkang 4-room

Resale HDB | Compassvale Bow | Designer_Leo Sei

The abundance of white in this abode opens up the interior, making it bright and breezy. A backdrop of whitewashed walls is accented by varying textures and neutral shades, capturing the serenity of the minimalist style. Along with muted neutrals such as grey, creams, and ivory, the palette combination is very gentle and warm.

Curved edges accentuate fluidity and add visual interest to the living space, softening the overall look and creating a more welcoming environment. The choice of recessed shelving allow the homeowners to display collectibles and decor, making the interior more personal and unique. Illuminated by soft warm lighting, the eye-catching arch forms an elegant backdrop and makes for a seamless design combination with the rest of the space.

Brimming with soft neutrals, natural elements, well-curated decor, and furnishings, this minimal home is simple, chic, and very relaxing. It achieves a perfect balance and harmony that fosters mental clarity and calm.