Dakota Breeze 4-room

BTO | Jalan Satu | Designer_Eugene Wu

The interior design of this house is simple yet chic, featuring a predominantly white and light wood colour scheme that creates a bright and airy atmosphere. Upon entering the home, one is immediately struck by the peaceful ambience that the design evokes.

Rather than prioritising conventional elements such as a TV feature wall, the homeowners opted for custom-built cabinetry catering to their personal preferences. The full-height shelf display not only visually enhances the space, it also provides ample storage and the opportunity to showcase decorative items. The combination of open and covered shelves creates an interesting visual dynamic at varying eye levels. At the same time, the warm cove lighting and wooden textures add a cosy touch to the communal space.

While the living area and kitchen maintain a pristine white finish with muted neutral hues, the bedrooms incorporate pops of colour to inject vibrancy and personality. Using geometric shapes on the bedroom feature walls creates visual depth without detracting from the overall style. Blue hues are employed to infuse character and a sense of calm, while soft pink serves as an alternative to traditional beige or cream tones and contribute to a dreamlike ambience. These colours seamlessly complement the white elements, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.

In summary, this house’s interior design prioritises personalisation, functionality, and a peaceful ambience, resulting in a space that is both practical and visually pleasing. The predominantly white and light wood colour scheme, coupled with occasional pops of colour and interesting textures, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the home.