Woodleigh Hillside 4-room

BTO | Bidadari Park Dr. | Designer_Leo Sei

Combining industrial and modern elements, this project seamlessly melds distinct design styles into a harmonious and exquisite home. Departing from conventional polished interiors, the design of this home embraces a sleek rustic aesthetic, where classical and industrial elements coexist in perfect balance.

The clever use of industrial-style black-framed glass partitions effectively divides the living space, kitchen, and study without sacrificing the home’s overall openness and brightness. At the heart of the interior design concept lies a celebration of raw materials, functional furnishings, and decor with cutting-edge appeal. Rustic elements seamlessly complement the graphic palette of industrial style, allowing us to revisit vintage aesthetics and the edginess of the past in a modern-day context.

The kitchen’s exterior gives off a retro cafe vibe through its decor and design. Wooden textures create a cosy atmosphere with their warmth and organic charm. The varying grain patterns and shades add contrast and depth, making the kitchen space feel raw and refined. Industrial elements, such as conduit light fixtures, dark frames, and a mix of wood and metal, infuse a sense of unrefined beauty and modernity into the interior.

The cohesive use of dark hues and a neutral earthy palette throughout the interiors enhance this remarkable home’s rustic and cosy ambiance. Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, the wardrobe features rustic wooden textures that extend seamlessly to the headboard and bed structure, ensuring continuity and harmony. This thoughtful design approach makes the entire bedroom a snug and inviting retreat.