Twin VEW_4 Bedroom

Condo | West Coast Vale | Designer_Winstar Tey

Although we are in Singapore, this stunning bohemian-style interior reminds one of a Balinese resort. With the liberal use of wooden furnishings, rattan weave pieces, vibrant colours and lots of greenery, this results in a bright, breezy, rustic-modern, tropical Asian home that feels stylish yet comfortable. The edgy art decor pieces on display are the perfect representation of the homeowners’ love for tropical getaways.

When it comes to designing the home, it is important to have keen attention to detail. Wooden tones bring Balinese charm into the master bedroom. A wooden-framed bed with nature-inspired rattan headboard and bedside accessories bring rich earthy, terracotta tones that exude timeless chic. As if in a tropical jungle, leafy greenery is incorporated in the bedroom that creates a relaxing and cosy pad for the homeowners to rest up after a tiring day at work.