GreenVerge @ Tampines 4-room

BTO | Tampines St 61 | Designer_Winstar Tey

A harmonious and bright environment entices relaxation and wellness in this abode. Ample natural light enlivens the living interior, where plenty of wood and natural textures induce a sense of nature and zen. The continuity using laminates with the same wooden finishes in this serene abode creates a cohesive and seamless feel and visual.

The foyer’s ceiling is intentionally brought down so that when you enter the abode, there is an added feeling of spaciousness and a much higher ceiling. A curved edge island in the foyer provides a beautiful aesthetic with functionality in mind. Marble textures add an element of sophistication, while wood lends a touch of natural organic warmth to complement and ground the design.

Having a natural feel and rustic flair, the furnishings in this abode are carefully sourced for a more cohesive look, creating a natural flow between all the items with no sense of any visual weight. With some inspiration from Japanese design, the furnishings are kept low-to-ground, accentuating an illusion of space that makes the interior instantaneously more spacious. The use of curves contributes to creating a softer and more welcoming atmosphere. A customised semi-circle mirror establishes a visual focal point, adding depth and space to the dining area.

Instead of both sides having top cabinetry, one-half of the kitchen uses open shelving. This makes the kitchen look more spacious and casual, allowing the homeowners to display their odds and ends. Plenty of countertop space provides sufficient preparation and transit space for the homeowners to cook up a storm.

In the master bedroom, the customised wooden bedframe, headboard, side tables and wardrobe are in the same laminate, carrying on the same overall theme of the house. Warm LED strip lights below the bed make it feel like it is hovering, creating a cosy and alluring ambience in the bedroom. A pocket sliding fluted glass door conceals the ensuite master bathroom, helping to save valuable space as well as giving the interior a sleek and modern design style.