Grandeur Park Residences_3 Bedroom

Condo | Bedok South Ave 3 | Designer_Eugene Wu

Less is indeed more. Sepia hues and warm wooden tones make this abode feel bright and airy, giving a cozy and comfortable vibe to the space. Keeping things simple and elegant with minimal art and décor, the interior is kept calm and inviting with various soft textures, patterns and earthy tones.

In the living area, ambient lights are layered together nicely and neutral-toned furnishings set the mood, with contemporary light pieces added for a visual effect. Raw textures in the flooring and furnishings gives the space a cohesive contemporary rustic style that feels fresh and organic.

Functionality and aesthetics was carefully thought out in the bedrooms. Serene and tranquil, light wooden finishes were chosen to exude an airy and peaceful atmosphere. A seamless work station integration with the platform bed makes the space perfect for working from home. Carve out a simple study or work area in your bedroom with clever carpentry solutions. Ceiling suspended shelving provides valuable storage space as well as give the bedroom a brighter and airier feel. An elevated platform area makes for a cosy and inviting space for a good night’s rest.