Fernvale Rivergrove 4-room

Resale HDB | Fernvale Link | Designer_Eugene Wu

This abode is a fine testament to how different design styles can harmonise together nicely when done right. Combining industrial, contemporary and minimalist, the incorporation of heterogeneous and unexpected elements creates an aesthetically pleasing result.
Commonly found in warehouse chic design, the cement screed gritty look can look welcoming and find a place in a sleek contemporary living interior. The unfinished texture in the living room walls gives the home a unique industrial look that feels raw yet polished. The living room is where much socialising happens, and who doesn’t love a good conversation piece? The bright yellow sofa is a marvellous focal piece for an open concept living room, serving as an anchor and making the space more cheerful and personal.
Enliven the kitchen space with earthy hexagonal tiles that provide a contemporary chic vibe. A blend of neutral colours, with variations of textures between each tile, makes a bold visual statement and gives the space personality and charm. A simple yet sleek combination of marble, terrazzo and granite textures keeps things elegant and clean in the bathrooms.