Dunman Place_3 Bedroom

Condo | 515 Dunman Rd | Designer_Eugene Wu

When combined with the luxury of space and curated furnishings, earthy muted colour tones and raw, rustic textures ooze sophistication in this abode. Wooden accents prominently featured throughout the home are matched with a neutral colour scheme that gives a natural, calming ambience within this modern interior design.

Wooden slats and panelling add an interesting texture and aesthetic to the living space, defining the space with a touch of serenity and light elegance. Black conduit lightings with raw textures in the wood brings a touch of industrial-themed interior design for extra dimension. Customised built-ins and furniture employ creative use space planning and maximise every available space.

The dining space and kitchen adopt an open concept by only having a kitchen countertop that separates the space from the rest of the interior, keeping the atmosphere airy and cosy. Marble details and textures elevate the look of any space from ordinary to chic, achieving a unified modern and elegant look in this interior!