Bedok South Horizon 4-room

BTO | Bedok South Road | Designer_Tim Tian

Earthy muted colour palettes and tones prominently featured throughout this project brings the comfort and outdoor feel of the countryside to this urban home. An emphasis on clean lines and varying natural textures induces a soft coziness and contrast to the abode. As wooden accents in the panelling and textures are matched with a neutral colour scheme, the rustic feel is vamped up with a touch of modern.

The industrial elements further accentuate the rustic vibe of the interior. Full-height mirrors in the living and dining area elevate the overall look and makes the space bigger than it actually is. A part of the bedroom is allocated a space for a beautiful shoe display cabinet that perfectly showcases the owner’s unique collection of kicks. With a tinge of greenery, the space is elevated with a homely touch and a sense of relaxation.