Alkaff Courtview 4-room

BTO | Bidadari Park Drive | Designer_Winstar Tey

An interior that embraces simplicity and warmth while adopting a sense of functionality throughout the home. The living room is flooded with natural light that makes the open space bright and airy, amplified by the use of white walls contrasted with wood furnishings and marble textures. The stunning palette and material combinations with the subtle use of yellow lighting sets a warm and inviting ambience that eases your mind the moment you step into the house.

The interior style continues throughout the home with contrasting dark inset tiles incorporated in the shower space to add vibrance and artistic thought to the simple aesthetic. A curved arch was perfectly incorporated to segregate the bedroom and invoke a calm and cosy ambience. The urban aesthetics are done right, blending sleek and contemporary components together for a fresh, modern touch.