Kiu Hair Gallery

Commercial | ESR BizPark @ Changi | Designer_Tim Tian

When customers show up at a hair salon, they’re hoping for more than just a good haircut. They also need a space for relaxation and decompression.

Stepping into Kiu Hair Gallery, the first thing you notice is the reception area that eludes a hint of Victorian design style with the intriguing wainscotting details and vintage brown chairs. Warm, earthy colour palettes and tones with varying natural textures induce a welcoming and cozy vibe, which contrasts nicely with the modern main area of the salon.

Different shades of grey adds dimension to the space, with marble textures and gold accents adding a touch of glamour and elegance. Big, multi-station mirrors with added lighting makes the space feel larger and more open. Mixing a variety of metal finishes creates a polished environment, adding visual interest and depth to the interior.