Arc @ Tampines 3 Bedroom

Nature-inspired design elements embrace urban living in this cosy home. Embracing the essence of the countryside, muted earthy colour palettes and tones bring a comforting outdoor feel to this urban oasis. Clean lines and varying natural textures create a soft and cosy atmosphere, blending rustic charm with a modern touch.

Simplicity and warmth take centre stage in the interior design, emphasising functionality throughout every space. The living room, bathed in an abundance of natural light, radiates a bright and airy ambience. The natural tones and textures of wood evoke a profound sense of calmness, while the combination of white and wood imbues the home with a light and inviting aura. Indoor plants add a refreshing touch, harmonising effortlessly with the wooden furnishings and earthy hues, infusing the space with organic vibrancy and a homely atmosphere.

The bathrooms in this home are a haven of relaxation and style. Wooden accents, from vanities to the shower area, infuse a natural and earthy ambience and create a connection between the indoors and outdoors.