TIM TIAN 田震   |   Managing Director 常務董事

If a client entrusts us with one of their biggest investments, we are obligated to live up to that trust”

I’ve always been interested in design and fascinated by how seemingly simple spaces can be brought to life and transformed into functional, comfortable and inviting areas to bring joy and positivity to its occupants. There is something magical about how faces brighten and light up in awe or surprise when they step into a nicely designed place and I want to be responsible for that!

Freshly armed with theoretical knowledge in Interior & Architectural Design, I sought to attain my goal of being that person behind the object of my fascination. After years of practice I’ve come to realise the full extent of scope that goes behind each project and the practicalities beyond book, paper and aesthetics. In my opinion, a good design is one that is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also has to be functional and practical to its users for years to come; this is the basis of my design conceptualization for all my clients.

I strongly believe that a big part of our lives is about setting and meeting goals and milestones. One of most people’s biggest milestones in life is to have a home we can call our own. It is not an easy feat figuring out who we can trust with the keys to our homes; there is so much to consider – the ID’s background, skills, quality, value, trustworthiness, reliability, after-sales support etc. These are just some of the things we ponder on before deciding who we can place our faith with. Knowing that, I am humbled and immensely grateful of the level of trust our clients have for us; it is not an easy journey. It is hence our conviction at Noble Interior Design that we need to always be mindful as we are fully obligated to live up to that trust.

With hard work and conscientiousness I will work towards making Noble Interior Design become a name that is synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Trustworthiness!




生活較我而言就是不斷地設立目標和實現它們。大多數人生命中最重要的目標之一就是擁有一個自己的家。讓客戶將自己的家交到設計師手裡並不是一件容易的事,有很多需要考慮的因素 – 設計師的背景、能力、施工質量、價格、可信度、可靠性、售後支持等。這是客戶把家交給值得信賴的設計師之前必須考慮的一些因素,但絕不是全部。因此我對那些選擇相信我們的人充滿了感激;我知道這並不是一個簡單的旅程。因此,我們品尚設計會一直堅持我們的理念,時刻保持警醒,不辜負這份信任。


EUGENE WU 吳葉駿   |   Executive Director 執行董事

If we are sincere, I am sure our clients can feel it too”

Having been in this industry for close to 10 years, I have observed the ever changing dynamics of this industry and its clients. In the past, interior design was something extravagant; it used to be just simple carpentry such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and the home is ready for move in. But in recent years, with the improvement of quality of lives, interior design has increasingly become something necessary. It is the place where we live out most of our lives after all and not just to sleep in.

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to their home; some want a home to bring up their children, some want a home that offers quiet respite and rest, some want a home where they can cook and entertain their friends and relatives and, some want a home that offers all the above. Every design and project has to be unique and true to its occupants’ nature.

With the recent bad press about this industry, clients have become more wary and careful, which is a good thing since they now make more educated choices. I am glad that clients are now more forthcoming to raise their doubts and concerns because it allows us to understand their worries and address them. In fact I find it necessary to be transparent as the renovation process should be two way traffic and communication is an important co-creation process.

Skepticism and disbelief is inevitable in our industry where competition is stiff but I have firm belief that as long as we are honest and sincere, our clients can feel our sincerity and genuineness and if they do, I am sure we can live up to it!

“ 願客戶能感受到我們的真誠。”





WINSTAR TEY 鄭開懷   |   Executive Director 執行董事

What’s most satisfying about designing houses is seeing it transitioning into a home for my clients where precious memories with their loved ones will be forged”