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Noble Interior Design is founded by Tim Tian and Eugene Wu who both share a common vision to be the lifetime trusted design partner whom everyone can depend on to provide quality workmanship, wholesome services and reliable aftercare.

At Noble, we aspire to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Just as how our apartments, houses, offices and shops are build to last, so should a trusted design partner. Our lifetime warranty support and service to our clients represents our commitment to walk through life’s different phases with each of our client.


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品尚設計是由田震先生和吳葉駿先生二人所創立,秉持著共同的願景,成為終身值得信賴的設計合作夥伴,為每個人提供優質的裝修工藝, 良好的服務和可靠的售後保障。

在品尚,我們渴望與客戶建立長期的合作關係。如同我們所設計的房屋、公寓、辦公室和商店一樣,值得信賴。 於此我們承諾我們的終身保修服務會一直陪伴著每一位客戶直到永遠。